Huge Weekly Grocery Haul & Meal Plan for a Family of 7 | Aldi & Asda | March 2019 | Shamsa

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In this video I share a huge weekly grocery haul (from Aldi and Asda) and a meal plan for a large family of 7.

I hope you enjoy watching and find it useful 😀

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    Posted at 10:54h, 20 March

    Halal baby food link check it out some great flavors and foods for toddlers.

  • R Syed
    Posted at 11:10h, 20 March

    Wow another video…shamsa you are spoiling us lol 😁

  • R Syed
    Posted at 11:15h, 20 March

    This video makes me so envious of everyone in England…supermarkets are the best thr…here in dubai its way too expensive and no cheaper alternatives like Aldi, ice land, farm foods etc the ammount of times I pick up a item and then put it back cos it's pricey 😫

  • Ambreen1 A
    Posted at 12:07h, 20 March

    Lovely shopping ma sha Allah 💓

  • Naz Dollz
    Posted at 12:08h, 20 March

    Salam sis love your videos Can you tell me how you make your taste sauce please x

  • Amber C
    Posted at 12:51h, 20 March

    Aslaam o alaikum sis
    Great shopping
    Can you tell what i can use salad cream for? I bought it few days ago but i dnt what to do with it lool

  • Shehnaz Hussain
    Posted at 13:13h, 20 March

    Mashallah another video. Such a treat.Your such a hard working lady. Really inspirational, looking after a big family. Love your vlogs.💕

  • Sumaya Akther
    Posted at 14:41h, 20 March

    Loved the video❤️

  • Zy Sparrow
    Posted at 15:14h, 20 March

    Salaam sister just wanted to let you know congrats toothpaste is not suitable for vegetarians. Maclean’s or aqua fresh is good alternative.

  • Sensational_biscuit
    Posted at 16:22h, 20 March

    Great Haul thanks for sharing : ) My daughter loves gherkins reminded me to get more lol!

  • Sonia YT
    Posted at 16:46h, 20 March


  • You Tube
    Posted at 18:07h, 20 March

    Great haul Shamsa.Sometimes I see something in your vlog and then I end up buying it too.

  • Desi Kuri
    Posted at 18:15h, 20 March

    Mashallah u have a big family may Allah bless u all Aldi’s is very good for shopping very reasonable prices and try Lidl too sister the best thing I like about Lidl is that every morning they bring out very nice fresh bakery made in store and a massive variety too. definitely check it out I absolutely love it 😊

  • Zay A
    Posted at 19:10h, 20 March

    Love your hauls! You don’t talk too little or too much lol just perfect

  • Sun Shine
    Posted at 22:07h, 20 March

    Brilliant video. Could you give us the prices of the fresh meat and chicken you bought? Many thanks

  • abdul khaliq
    Posted at 03:55h, 21 March

    Aslam o Alaikum

    I am from Pakistan

    I live in Lahore
    You are very nice lady

  • Pakistani Mom in Bangkok
    Posted at 04:06h, 21 March

    Great lots of love ❤😘

  • swita Turkey
    Posted at 05:59h, 21 March

    I have 5 children too sis Allhamdillah much love a sister from AUSTRALIA 😊😊😊

  • Mandinko23
    Posted at 11:07h, 21 March

    Im so jealous you get halal meat at aldi in CS the uk, here in the states you have to go to a Halal store

    Posted at 11:52h, 21 March

    You should consider getting the baked beans in the plastic container rather than the tins (bad for the health) 💕

  • Smira Naz
    Posted at 13:16h, 21 March

  • Ayisha Ali
    Posted at 20:45h, 21 March

    Love your videos can you do more meal ideas please I'm not a cook and your videos defo help me x

  • Metallic
    Posted at 11:55h, 22 March

    I just did an Aldi and Asda shop and my groceries are nearly identical to yours! 😂

  • Hollie Ford
    Posted at 20:00h, 22 March

    Do you buy all dry foods in bulk like daals pasta etc.
    Do a monthly shop instead weekly.

  • Khadeza Khan
    Posted at 14:44h, 23 March

    Sis dont u do shopping from those Asian grossery shops for meat

  • NaomiO
    Posted at 21:16h, 23 March

    I’m a new subscriber love your channel ❤️

  • Khai Sihalathavong
    Posted at 22:14h, 24 March

    Asalamu’Alaykum I hope you are well! ❤️Can u make a cooking video on” how to make chicken buryani “?🙂

  • Saima Bibi
    Posted at 12:04h, 25 March

    Do you freeze your meat ? Is it any fresher and cheaper than local halal butchers ?

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Posted at 22:15h, 25 March

    I thought all Asians bought their masalas, meat and rice from those big Asian stores – in bulk…

    You seem to get it all from Asda : )

    (That cumin bottle was tiny in comparison to the big packs we buy)