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Terrible Customer Service – I wish I had read these reviews before I signed on for their SEO/Web Design service. I’ve had them hosting my site for a couple of years just because it was cheap. It’s been reliable but I’ve never been happy with their Weebly web page editor. Finally decided to pay money to have a “professional” re-do the site. I ended up basically designing the whole thing again myself and discovered even their people used Weebly and couldn’t get it to do what I asked. At that point the designer decided to just ignore me. Left my site with a confusing PayPal button and a ton of minor things to fix. No phone number to talk to a human and email exchanges don’t appear to be read thoroughly. One person who isn’t even on the design team has given the most help…she promised me a response from a supervisor which I never got but did pass along my last cry for help to the designer. I will definitely be moving back to GoDaddy! Louise, AZ, USA

Tema: Yesus Dielu-elukan di Yerusalem
Bahan Alkitab: Matius 21:1-11



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Liturgos : Kak Niken dan Kak Marthin
Pencerita: Kak Tesa

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