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Blue Host Had my dog appreciation website for at least 4 years, and made a really serious mistake. They changed my account from an automatic renewal to manual and never sent me an E-mail. Then they canceled my account and deleted my website complete with the awards the website had received. And they didn’t keep a backup on file. I’ll choose someone else to host my site. This company is terrible.

Idex stock – Ideanomics – Investing for beginners – Financial education – A quick review within 5 minutes!

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D&D Finance

  • Miguel Elias
    Posted at 14:10h, 24 June


  • D&D Finance
    Posted at 14:14h, 24 June

    Check out the investing playlist!

  • forestar
    Posted at 19:20h, 24 June

    Hey, what do you think of GNUS? They seem to have good management now…is it a good long term investment?

  • RPM
    Posted at 00:45h, 25 June

    this stock looks promising. i am buying some more tomorrow.

  • Steven Carlson
    Posted at 06:27h, 25 June

    I disagree you are looking in the past when the company was something completely different. They own 51% of Treeletrik sold some companies to pay down debt but in the deal included 15% of revenue back to them. The newly named MEG now Medici auto works has mechanical and maintenance revenue on top of car sales, they might sell the land in Connecticut back to the town for more money again to grow the part of the company I like most, or turn it into some kind of tourist attraction. They have been making good connections with companies like Caterpillar, Tesla, DiDi, and the Chinese govt., the list goes on…. If I'm getting played then they deserve it I guess. Buy now hold long. Bruno said this will be the biggest comeback in NASDAQ history and I believe it 100%

  • Stock Investment Analysis
    Posted at 14:55h, 25 June

    Wow this stocks share price has been on quite a roller coaster ride!

  • Luxurie Ape
    Posted at 18:53h, 29 June

    What are your thoughts of the recent allegations of fraud for IDEANOMICS ? Still a stock to buy ?/ hold?