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Shannon Hill , Boston, MA manoman.sqhill.com – “Unlimited” means “vaguely limited” to #Justhost – #Justhost just disabled my account, saying excessive server load. This disabled access to all my sites, all my email, and all my family’s email accounts. I could not submit a support ticket with my account suspended. I had to spend 3 hours on the phone with them, since I didn’t know my “client id”. (couldn’t get to my email, remember?). NOT RECOMMENDED. They could choose to block (or throttle) web services in this situation, but that’s beyond their technical ability.

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TruPowur, Inc. is Headquartered in Texas and represents more major providers than any other company in America. We not only lower your bills moving forward, but we also recover money overspent from the past 36 to 48 months in the form of a refund in all 50 States in America.


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