Innocents 1v1 Crouched

Jennifer Clark – Problems are never properly fixed – They have internal communication problems and try to gloss over any issues by telling you they are fixed when they are not. I would not recommend this company to anyone, whether professional or personal accounts. I use their service to host multiple client websites. They have all gone down twice in the last two weeks. The first time they found the problem right away. I had made a change to my account 6 months earlier and it had just now affected all the websites. They could not figure out why. The first person I spoke to never even submitted the ticket to “Level 2” tech support and I had to spend half the night checking with them. Eventually I changed my account back and fixed the problem myself. Now the websites are down all day for chunks of time and they told me they had server issues which had been fixed.

Game play by Innocents
Commentary by Innocents
When Crouched was informed he stop sending voice message then eventually blocked me his responses Will be posted later tomorrow

Really White

  • Really White
    Posted at 04:19h, 06 May

    Crouched is mad and BLOCKED ME lol

  • b1azinsp33d
    Posted at 06:08h, 06 May

    That's what playing dominion does to you haha!

  • Phurious Cinema™
    Posted at 16:20h, 06 May

    My boy paulo went in!

  • Really White
    Posted at 05:13h, 06 September

    omg why message just look at him I feel sorry for his parents and the girls he hits on…………………….

  • Really White
    Posted at 05:56h, 06 September

    That is sad I was talking to dropdeadtex about this a few ago. Crouched is a fake just bragging about doing doing stupid things. He plays halo he gets raped even with a team!!! I play halo by myself in halo I do good run into tryhards and ruin their stats..He lets his fame go to his head…. Halo reach everyone knows the inf4mous colors because no one ever beat us him I could let my 10 yr old cousin rape him…. even sader she a girl lol but shes good lol

  • Really White
    Posted at 06:24h, 06 September

    ill prolly only play campaign and go for achievements and still do my channel… im to old for this shit…………… sooooo done!!!!!! priceless

  • Really White
    Posted at 06:45h, 06 September

    Yea it does!!! lol being pro to much of a headache for me anymore. Good luck

  • Chase Haze
    Posted at 06:47h, 06 September

    Thanks man, Hope you come out with more awesome videos and what not. Its fun watching them all lol

  • Really White
    Posted at 06:55h, 06 September

    I recommend start stream to get yourself some attention dude the when you win stuff in AGL and PGL you be getting more attention… I will im currently looking for new videos if you have some ill post em im kinda getting ready for college and getting over being sick.. Message me on xbl ill check your fileshare out

  • Really White
    Posted at 07:07h, 06 September

    aren't sounds good to me..

  • Really White
    Posted at 07:22h, 06 September

    ahahahah funnnny

  • limacarlos1013
    Posted at 07:02h, 15 February

    ive seen this crouched kid play. K/d booster with noooo life. 

  • Halo 4 Halo 4
    Posted at 11:49h, 04 November

    RIP PAUL 🙁