Installing some Fantastic Plugins for your blog | Build a Blog Workshop Part 5

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You know It’s cool to get better at stuff. I love the fact that I know how to do all of this stuff, from building a blog that can make me money to fancy pop up opt-in’s, to making youtube channels, to creating facebook groups that attract people.

The problem is that the more you learn and the further away from the beginning you get, the easier it is to forget what it was like when you were just starting out…before you knew anything. Kind of makes it easy to leave people in the dust and talk over their heads a little bit…that’s not really good for anyone.

Well…I want to get back to the basics with this workshop. the foundation of your online business.

So for a while I have been wanting to put together this little workshop that walks someone through the process of putting a blog together that can potentially make them money. I feel like a simple blog is a great foundation for making money online. I wanted to take some time and show you how to put one together.

Here is my simple 12 step HOW TO BUILD A BLOG WORKSHOP. Enjoy!

Step 1: How to Find a KILLER DOMAIN –
Step 2: Buying the Domain and Hosting –
Step 3: Installing WordPress –
Step 4: Installing an AWESOME THEME –
Step 5: Installing some FANTASTIC PLUGINS –
Step 6: Setting up Google Analytics –
Step 7: HOW to POST on your blog-
Step 8: SEO on your POST –
Step 9: Appearance and Widgets –
Step 10: Navigation Menu –
Step 11: Leaks and Footer –
Step 12: Logo and Conclude –

Please enjoy this Build a Blog workshop brought to you on behalf of and! Good luck in ALL your ventures!



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