Internet Marketing Bootcamp – Module 3 Registering Domain Names and Hosting

P Kenwood , Kent – Almost worse than having no hosting at all. – They’ve always been poor but recently they have become bloody useless. Their mail servers are forever falling over and/or being hacked. My account was hacked and they refused to do anything. They insisted that I changed my passwords even though I’d already done that and within a matter of days they were hacked again. Their customer service is useless. I will be transferring my domain when it comes up for renewal – crap company for uptime reliability. This is module 3 in my FREE Internet Markerting Bootcamp.
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My recommended HOSTS are:
Just Host –
HostGator –

Lewis Clifford

  • Lori
    Posted at 15:18h, 28 May

    I have a question.
    I saw that when I want to register to Justhost, I need to pay somewhere around 200$…now do I have to pay that much every time I want to register a new domain ? Or is just a one time fee for first registration and after that you pay that 4.45$ monthly fee for every domain?

  • Lewis Clifford
    Posted at 15:47h, 28 May

    The hosting payment is a one off payment that covers you for 2 years. This gives you unlimited domain hosting, so you can have as many domains as you like (each costing around $4 to $10 per year depending on the domain name and type). So the more domains you have (that bring in money) the more cost effective it is.