Introduction to Hostgators Control Panel (CPanel) (QS 3)

THINKING ABOUT #HOSTGATOR – THINK TWICE – A company can be in business many years, but it doesn’t make them the best or good in providing a service. What matter is customer service and having products or services that’s reliable, worthy of an investment by Clients. I had major issues with SiteLock and #hostgator services. I am not the mad customers who wants to leave a review to bad mouth the company. I am a genuine loyal customer who was disappointed and dissatisfied after giving #hostgator and Sitelock the opportunity to redeem themselves after I requested their hosting services and protection from HACKERS! I was told by SiteLock their services could take up to 24 hours the most depending on how severe it was HACKED. Four days later nothing on the google search engine, dashboard which I was locked out of, or sites changed when you entered in the navigation bar. When I called the trained staff could not help me and now I feel hopeless after signing a contract and my account being drafted to date. I am paying for a service I did… Matt

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Quick Start Website – A series of videos guiding you through the process of setting up your own website using WordPress.

In this video you will be introduced to the web host Hostgators Control Panel – we show you how to select your hosting package and set it up in Quick Start 3. In this video you will be shown how to login to your Hostgator account and the different sections within the control panel and what they refer to.

In Quick Start 2 and 3 we show you how to choose and set up your web hosting with Hostgator – also here on YouTube.

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