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POOR Technical Support and Customer Service – I’m currently on the phone with the 3rd Customer Service agent (CSA), trying to resolve problem logging in to my Control Panel. I’m calling from UK to US and i’ve already spent over an hour on the phone with the 2 CSAs. The first CSA told me that my account has been deleted since December 2016 due to non-payment, she later checked and saw that my payment is up to date. She continously put me on hold apprarently sorting out with the billing department and finally hung up the call after 45mins. The second CSA same scenario and she hung up the call after 15mins. Now been on the phone with the third CSA for 11mins, he’s still looking into my account. Pretty sure he’s also going to hang up :(. On thing for sure is I will never use #Ipage again. Andreas, www.opamart.com

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