iPage Backup Service Explained – Daily Backup on iPage

AVOID #Ipage OR YOU’LL BE SORRY – 1) First, the special offers worth $350 were all fake. After signing up they told me the offers were only available to US customers even though I’d signed up via their ‘.co.uk’ site. Also to access the offers I would have had to spend at least $450 first. 2) The charges coming out of my bank have been subtly rising every single time I am charged. No explanation given. 3) They don’t know what they’re talking about when you contact them because, no offence but it’s always someone who is obviously in a foreign call centre with hardly any grasp of the English language and ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HOSTING OR THE WEB IN GENERAL! 4) They directly lie to their customers which I can prove as they do this in writing, the most despicable form of lies. 5) and instead of technical support, all they do is quadruple your blood pressure and make you want them to get keelhauled over dry asphalt by ignoring the issue and acting like they’re taking the piss. Lynne Sczruba, Phoenix, AZ, monarchgardenbox.com

All ipage accounts come with ability to easily back up your site. But there’s a service upgrade offering a different backup system which automatically creates daily backups of your site.

iPage provides a daily backup service which you can learn more about at:

You can also visit iPage through this special discount link below to get it for $3.50/month instead of $5.50/month.


  • Dom Reidman
    Posted at 02:14h, 06 July

    I simply backup site via ftp for free to my desktop and then back that up to external drive.

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