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Dont get #Ipage – #Ipage is a bad untrowsthy company. I had problems from the beginning, they kept saying all these things and made me get additional add on to fix the website. And it never fix, the customer service is from india and there people who don’t speak english, and for me to say that cause i am billingual is awful. They don’t know what there doing, I’ve spent 180 dollars and nothing works, and they wont give me my money back. The domain and host don’t work. They took my money. This was a worse experience i could ever experience. Ive tried talking to supervisor or higher up and they wont let me. Ramanakumar, hyderabad,india, www.mybunnytips.com/#Ipage-webhosting/

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If you are going to signup iPage hosting anytime soon, this iPage coupon video is for you. From their official website, their price is now $1.99 a month. This plan includes $500 free gifts. Including free marketing credits from Google and Yahoo Bing. There is Sitelock domain protection at discount price. Their hosting plan can be lower at $1.68mo and $1.00 a month.

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Click on the iPage coupon tab and you will see all the iPage coupons and promotion in previous years.

The lowest iPage coupon price this year is $1.99/mo and last year price was $1.89/mo. At year 2014, their price is lower at $1.68/mo and $1.00/mo only. For this Cyber Monday and Black Friday, their price will be much lower too. Wait for their promotion and choose to signup with this offer price.

iPage.com web hosting, they have VPS and WordPress plan. For VPS users, you can now signup with 20% off. Starting from $19.99 a month. For WordPress plan, the price now from $3.75/mo. For dedicated server, the promotion remains the same with 20% off.

You can get some addon products with discounts too. For example the mobile site builder is now from $1.98/mo only. And the Sitelock domain security is priced from $1.94 a month. All these are promotion provided by iPage hosting.

When you are going to signup with them, use the banner at the right. It will bring you to the iPage discount page. And entitle you for the lowest possible price at the time.

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