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Horrible billing – Every single time hosting or domain charges were renewed, the bill was overcharged. Even after several calls to customer service, the billing remained wrong. Reza

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welcome to my review of ipage. Having been a customer of theirs for quite a few months I figured I would go ahead and write a review based on my experiences with them. Whenever doing reviews I try to base it on three different standards of price, support and service. iPage is quite a large hosting company which in my opinion is always a good thing because its pretty tough to become a large hosting company if you aren’t legit. When looking at the price for an iPage web hosting account you will see that its pretty darn cheap. Compared to other major hosts iPage competes very well in the price department. For a few bucks a month you can’t really go wrong and their cheapest plans will be able to meet the needs of just about any customer.

The next thing I looked at for their webhosting was if they have good customer support. This is always important because if you have issues with your website you need to have competent support to help you. While I haven’t had any catastrophic issues with their hosting I have contacted their support a handful of times and they have been extremely helpful and knowledgable. This definitely gets bonus points with me so I would definitely recommend them when looking at the support factor.

And finally lets take a look at their service. Do they offer good hosting? Well yes they do! In the time I have been with them I haven’t had any issues with downtime, slow loading website or anything like that. Based on all of the above I will continue to use iPage as my web host and would recommend them to my fellow youtubers!

To check out their official site simply click this link: http://bit.ly/16r64XB

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