ipage ecommerce review – ipage ecommerce hosting

Can Not Recommend- If you design your own site and upload to #Ipage you will have issues. I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser and it’s not compatible with #Ipage. They insisted I change to Chrome. Basic links like mailto: will not work on #Ipage. When I informed them of this they said they couldn’t help because my site had been designed by a 3rd party. You can’t submit an issue by email and receive a confirmation number. And finally, because they also recommended I change my domain to #Ipage I can’t post it with another provider for two months. (An Internet rule that needs to be changed) I do not recommend this provider. Luis Emanuelli, www.lmemusicompany.com

ipage ecommerce review – ipage ecommerce hosting
More info:http://www.webmasternewbie.com/ipage-web-hosting-review-is-ipage-any-good/ We’ve shown you just how quick and easy it is to get a personal website or blog up and running with iPage. But, what if you wanted to start up an online business? Thankfully, iPage has you covered with all the e-commerce tools you need to start up an online store. And even better, most of these e-commerce tools are free and included in your hosting plan.
iPage makes it easy for any business, large or small, to set up a working online shopping site in no time. There are lots of e-commerce features to choose from and the fact that most of them are free, is an added bonus for anyone to open up their very own online shop.

If you need the opportunity to increase your exposure globally, we recommend iPage e-commerce supported hosting.

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