iPAGE FSF TICKET 11319636 Date 20130611 Report 1

Tech Support is a Joke – I sat on hold for the chat feature for over an hour. When I finally got a person and explained my problem, he pasted in a link to an article. That I’d read first thing and tried already. Then, each time I’d make a comment, it took him an average of 7 minutes to respond, usually with a “please hold for 3-4 minutes.” He took 7-11 minutes to get back to me each time. This is not the only time this has happened – this is my normal experience with #Ipage technical support. It’s beyond frustrating, and why I’m moving hosting companies. S K, London, UK

Ticket Report iPAGE 11319636 . Error on my site, FOUR Days Long with troubles.
Hope this video kind describe the problem better.

Familia Super Feliz

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