ipage hosting review ( The Best Database Hosting Company )

Get’s Your Money ~ Poor Support – I’m writing this today as I’ve been notified that my domains are up for renewal. I do NOT want to renew anything with #Ipage. They sign you up, arrange to take your money, claim they’re “There to Help You,” and for weeks I could not get a return call or email. Put a stop payment on the account, changed cards, and this dubious group still is taking money out for their benefit, not mine. I do not, nor would I every recommend #Ipage. Nick, UK


1. Although iPage has more than 15 years of experience in the web hosting industry, they are able to offer plans at extremely competitive prices for even owners of small businesses with limited resources. iPage MySQL database hosting is available to customers all the time at an amazing low price of $2 to $3 monthly.

2. iPage company understands the importance of MySQL database, so they offer hosting services that will ensure that customers have unlimited access to databases. This service is provided with phpMyAdmin for easy management of data structures and tables from any browser.

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