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Beware of the introductory price – I found a good deal for hosting and signed up.. only 3 months later they start charging exactly 10 times the amount i was paying in the deal. after talking to them they said it was a limited time offer and now i have to pay this. i said i wanna take my site and domain so for domain they charged me 15$ which is fair enough but to transfer my site they charged me 250$ which i am still not sure why exactly. I was a mess talking back and forth to them and my web developer. Also the web developer blame a lot of things on the hosting company which i am not sure about as i am not that tech savy but yeah after moving to an another host all the problems went off.. whole process took me about 2 months. Ben

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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Web Host Reviewers. In this video we’ll be taking a quick look iPage hosting. Click the link in the description underneath this video to have a look at our more in depth review. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Whether you’re starting a new business or already have an established one, you may be very interested in what iPage has to offer. We all know content is king, and there is no better way to supplement your content with a bit of paid advertising and promotion – and here, iPage has you covered.

Some of iPage’s most compelling marketing services are for one – $200 worth of Google Adwords and Bing Ad credits. If you’re looking to drastically boost online exposure for your website, this is something that you should be looking very favourably towards – as it will be able to kick start your marketing campaigns without a financial outlay.

iPage also offers 1GB of free JustCloud storage which means you can store any type of file on a remote server. This is similar to services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Site Lock is an iPage package that is included and free of charge for 12 months with every hosting plan. With this package, your site will be protected from spam attacks and malware.

iPage is a suitable web hosting service provider for anyone with a website or blog, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user or a web developer, irrespective of your level of expertise, iPage is a very compelling deal coming in at $1.99 per month as an introductory offer – however you must pay for a long term contact upfront. Still, comparing these prices to other web hosts we think iPage is offering a very competitive product.

iPage offers very good support considering they’re charging such small amounts for their hosting. With email support and live chat support, iPage is definitely covering the foundations of excellent support features. We’ve experienced very quick and generally friendly staff support in our testing.

Even if you are a newbie and you know nothing about hosting a website, iPage will make life a lot easier for you. iPage has got an array of applications which you can choose from to easily setup your website and enhance your site’s functionality – Installing a CMS such as WordPress on iPage is a very easy thing to do with just a few clicks.

All in all iPage is a compelling option for anyone wanting to host their website and who is also after a range of additional features for marketing and security.

That’s it for now… I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure you click the link in the description to find out more. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you again in a future video.

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  • Pascal Sossou
    Posted at 16:40h, 11 May

    I see that this review is biased. We are a current iPage customer. We are finding out that as their customer, they are forcing us to pay them for importing a database from a shared environment to a VPS environment.

    They would export and import databases for customers in the shared environment for free. However, if you are a VPS customer, which is more expensive, they would prevent you, and are preventing us from getting this service from them without paying them extra. First, they forced us to getting the VPS because they won allow us to run cron jobs in the shared environment, thereby forcing us to acquire the VPS, which is dedicated. We acquire the VPS roughly 2 weeks ago. They told us they need to charge us for importing the database file into the VPS environment or that we could do it ourselves. We chose to do it ourselves because we are an IT shop. We are finding out that they are preventing us from successfully importing the database. Collectively we have about 40 years of experience in Oracle infrastructure and database management. given what we see, iPage is monetizing functions that customers can do themselves, by trying to extort money out of them. We were with aPlus.net for over 10 years, and we did not have that problem. aPlus.net did the switching from shared to VPS for us without us having to do anything. We came to iPage on the basis of the year round TV ads they vehiculated in our area, thinking they have a good service. Our experience so far is revealing the contrary.

    We opened a ticket with them to address this issue, and was told for days that they were. But then, they abruptly closed the ticket, without resolving the issue. And, when we contacted them yesterday May 10, 2017, they closed the chat window on us after we asked to know the status of the ticket.

    We are writing these reviews not because we are out on a personal vendetta, but simply because we think they public needs to be informed.

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