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stay awake from #Ipage – i had nothing but embarrassment to my customers and stressful time dealing with #Ipage. 1 out of 100 that i rated them is not what they actually deserve. I would never use or recommend them to anybody. They have a security dpt that scans your account. According to their way of thinking, even if you have a picture that is attached to a product your ecommerce site offers, it is considered a suspicious file and they force you to delete it. The worst part is that they suspend your website and keep it suspended until these files are removed. You may have an important website running, an ecommerce store with high traffic like mine, or a blog that needs to be constantly up and running with content for your viewers to read. With #Ipage, there is no guarantees. They will suspend your account like they keep doing mine on an average one or two times a month and stay suspended even after you submit a request upon deleting these files recommended. STAY AWAY FROM #IPAGE. Eddie, Canada, TechSurplus.ca

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This video is my personal review and testimonial of iPage. In the past, I have used a variety of different hosting companies. My two favorites are definitely HostGator and iPage. They are almost identical in what they do, but iPage is much more affordable. I definitely recommend iPage to anyone who is looking to set up a website for themselves. So easy to use.

I have been using iPage for over 2 years and I currently own and host 19 domains with them. I have never had any big issue with their service. I did once have a small issue where one of my sites got hacked.

I logged on and chatted with their support team and they had my site restored within the hour. They are reliable, affordable and have excellent customer service.

They get 5 stars from me when it comes to service and customer support.

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