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Dangerous – Two days after signing up for #Ipage hosting and domain, I started to receive dozens of emails from India and Russia offering web-building services. I also started getting phone calls on my cell phone and text every 15 minutes from all CA, OH, CO, and other states. This was very scary. Please note that I had not even publish my website yet, I just started creating it. I believe, they probably sold all my information right away. I canceled their services and they refunded my money. I am still getting emails from India. BEWARE OF #IPAGE!!! Ash, USA, spllc.biz

iPage review | honest ipage review : http://bit.ly/join_ipage
This is my honest ipage review (now just for $1.00/mo !).
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Would you like to know one acceptable reason to select an iPage plan?
Ok this my ipage review.

We can provide you five reasons to accomplish this. It’s surely the very best web hosting service currently. Search regarding

reviews and you should hundreds of them praising this website hosting service. (iPage review)

iPage review : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnTlmZpEP8g

Why Choose the iPage Plan? (iPage review)

The Price Factor of Ipage : You obtain unlimited web hosting at just $1.00 per month! It’s one of several most the lowest

prices in the world and there’s no need for you to sign-up for yearly services for enjoying the savings. (iPage review)

Usage Factor : It’s really amazing how at only $1.00 you get a host of features! iPage’s web-hosting plan offers unlimited

data transfer at high speeds, unlimited disk space, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited hosting domains, free domain name,

unlimited MySQL databases, WordPress, free website builders and many more. A person can’t even dream of having all these at

such a price. (iPage review)

Life-Time Domain Name : This is perhaps the best bonus you get when you sign for iPage’s account. You get a domain name for

free. You even get to choose a domain name. The registration fee that needs to be paid every year, is paid by the service

only. This saves you money. (iPage review)

Money-Back Guarantee : And here’s a funny thing 🙂 . This web hosting service offers the option of anytime money-back

guarantee in case users are unsatisfied with the services.
Naturally, this never happens! No one can say he/she isn’t happy. (iPage review)

Site-Building Tools are Free : Whether you are creating a business site or only a blog, you have all tools at your disposal.
Use them the way you want and get your website up and running. (iPage review)

Green Web-Hosting : One more thing , The company runs its servers and everything else with wind power. (iPage review)

Marketing Coupons for Free! : For the initial website traffic, you get (100$) Facebook credits, Yahoo advertising credits

($25), (100$) Google advertising credits, with the web hosting plan. (iPage review)

Free Security Suite: This is so very important. With increasing threats cropping up in the web world, you need a safe and

secure way of running your online business. iPage’s security suite come free of cost. (iPage review)

Free WordPress Blog : Make use of this highly popular blog platform and use hundreds of plug-ins to give your business the

perfect start! (iPage review)

Unlimited Bandwidth : iPage offers unlimited bandwidth which means your website won’t crash or disconnect even when you have

huge web traffic. (iPage review)

That’s all for my iPage review. I highly recommend using the discount link above so that you can get your hosting plan at the

lowest possible price.

Take action, and join iPage now : http://bit.ly/join_ipage

The review here : http://youtu.be/FnTlmZpEP8g

Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+ipage

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ipage

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/iPage

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