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Do not use this site – Constantly having issues with the underlying stability and infrastructure of this site. After resolving one issue, they created another one which then they had the cheek to ask $100 to fix. Finally getting fed up with very poor service and customer support, i asked to close down the account. They then informed me that although I had paid up front and still had two years of service remaining, they would not provide any pro-rata refund. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IS YOU REQUIRE ANY FORM OF PROACTIVE TECHNICAL SERVICE OR CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Dave Mckenzie, Brisbane, Australia, www.davemck.com

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Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing Ipage. If you want to know if Ipage is good, then please watch this video till the end, also if you are looking to read real user reviews left by users who have experience with Ipage, then please checkout the first link in the description below, at the website – thecjreviews.com

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Hello everyone, Ipage was launch on 24th, march, 1995. Currently, we don’t have direct experience with Ipage, so, we would like to invite everyone to leave a comment about Ipage if you have experience with them on our website and also in the comment section below. By doing so, you will help everyone and let them know if they should do business with Ipage.

Here are some of the reviews we found about Ipage, I will read it out to you.

Here is a review by Adger.

He says “Saw all the terrible reviews which seem to be from users in the USA.

For me in UK, service has been fine and price is unbeatable at just £1.50pm and over 3 years. Maintenance of website is easy using their File Manager.”

next review is by Rochester.

He says “I have been part of the company as It do provide stable hosting which is important for business. I know how their server works and It all depends on how we use it . I have seen many reviews saying their server and support is worse but keep in mind that they are providing hosting for better price which is far more better compare to other hosting . Make sure you use server according to the limitation it has and know the process as I have seen many review saying they been charged even after product was cancelled . I will tell it only hapens if you are ignorant as there is option to control these billing in control panel which ppl always miss to check that out. coming to security issue is concern, make sure website is upto date and don’t use any unknown plugin which cause site to get hacked, It is upto us on how we use server well in secure manner . We cannot blame on server as It cannot control over add on you put for your site which may be compromised . Just to be frank It is better server with more value added towards customer.”

next review is by Shelton.

He says, “I love iPage. Wouldn’t know what I’d do without them. Support is great!

Would be nice to see some new features but all in all love them too bits for the simplicity of it all.”
And there are alot more reviews, if you also would like to leave a review for Ipage, feel free to leave them on our website at thecjreviews.com or leave it in the comment section below. We hope you found this video useful and we thank you for co-operating with us by leaving your reviews.

Thanks, have a good day.

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