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The worst custom service scums in the world!!!! – For some reason it showed in my profile that it is charging me £186 for 12 months, and my site stopped working. So I want to stop it immediately and get custom service. However, the site is super difficult to use. Can’t manage to submit a support ticket! Sent three emails to a address I found online without response! The site does not allow me to stop renewing and cancel my account. Now I have to go to the bank to cancel my cards to be able to stop them charging. This is NOT how you make money guys!!! Absolutely outrages!!!! Chris, Denver,CO, www.retrogamezoom.com

Most web hosting companies seem similar, offering plenty of disk space, bandwidth, and add-ons.
We are bloggers and entrepreneurs who research by testing their offerings and aggregating data about their reputation.
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Once you know what exactly you want a website for, you will have a good idea of what kind of web hosting you’re looking for.

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