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Horrible customer service – They do not care about your business at all! Every time our website gets messed up or crashes they will do nothing for 48 hours meanwhile our website cannot be seen or used properly by customers. Do not use them. Tiamiku, Malaysia, tiamik.com

You’ve probably read many reviews saying iPage is a great host, but they don’t really discuss the details and reasons behind their conclusions.

Full iPage review is at http://www.ipagereviewsblog.com (homepage)
You can find specific feature guides by browsing the menu. For example, my tutorial walkthrough for iPage’s vDeck control panel is at http://www.ipage-reviews.com/features/ipage-control-panel/

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  • bob porter
    Posted at 17:45h, 12 April

    ipage.com hosting SUCKS. And they will take advantage of your credit card. And provide you with false information. I know. It has happened to me. And as for their hosting working? Terrible. I would not recomend them whatsoever. I also don't know who to recomend

  • Speedycrow.com Website Hosting
    Posted at 01:01h, 15 September

    You know? Whenever I visit a site and it's slow I immediately think. Oh it's hosted by ipage. Then I look up the host and it is indeed ipage.

  • John Brown
    Posted at 17:38h, 28 July

    I am very happy with iPage after about 3 months of building a web-site which is quite complex, involving PayPal buttons, my own html pages produced with OpenOffice, php scripts, and mp4 videos playable through the Windows Media Player. Although I had built an asp.net web-site on top of a database in the past, I had never used php and the features described above. iPage solved my problems with lots of good advice. I am in the UK, and often asked them about a problem before I went to bed, to come in the next morning to see their helpful reply. And if the front desk can't handle it, they send it straight to the techies.
    Videos stored on iPage and activated through a link look an awful lot better than stuff on YouTube, particularly if you have textual GUI demos of the sort you can generate using the NCH software.

  • Jose Balboa
    Posted at 02:11h, 02 September

    iPage sucks!  You don't get what you pay for…you get less.

  • Jose Balboa
    Posted at 02:13h, 02 September

    True, whenever you encounter a very slow website, it's being hosted by iPage.

  • Igor Babin
    Posted at 12:31h, 28 February
  • João Figueiredo
    Posted at 16:47h, 02 March

    Ipage sucks, they lie and never do refunds even though you have right to them! Their support makes up excuses of that the issue is being investigated but the truth is that they are just trying to make some time while you give up. That is how they make money!

  • Stephen Redmond
    Posted at 18:20h, 02 March

    I recently signed up with ipage and got my domain threw them. I notice they offer the bare basic version of website creating programs and other stuff, even there version of weebly has less on it then the FREE one at weebly.com To be honest im disapointed so far tho the set up of there  site and tools looks very nice and easy to understand, you gotta pay to use better versions of the site building programs they offer. 🙁 if anyone can recommend better hosting sites with building options that would be cool

  • sCube05
    Posted at 00:18h, 26 June

    Hi Bryan.  When you mean large files, do photo uploads count?

  • Treasure Hunter
    Posted at 11:11h, 11 August

    Nice review. You should really make more mention of the people in support vs other places. The support people at Shopify for example are a bunch of dicks. Most people don't find stuff like that out until it is too late so making large mention of it in a review would be really helpful

  • Harriot Hawkins
    Posted at 09:51h, 27 August

    ipage mailbox sucks so slow and keeps crashing

  • Mrmoldremoval
    Posted at 08:10h, 07 April

    I am a Customer of Ipage… Attencion America Ugent Information.. Don't trust them with Your Credit card.

  • Mrmoldremoval
    Posted at 08:12h, 07 April

    I want to take my Web-sight to a other Hosting .. DONT BUY Ipage.  Ipage sucks

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