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Worst Customer Support Ever! – I recently purchased a 2nd domain and tried to set up a 2nd website. After failing, I tried the customer service chat. The woman gave me kindergarten answers to college questions. She did not seem to understand that I kept getting Internal Server Errors when I tried to access the 2nd domain. By the time she was done, my primary site had crashed as well, and she couldn’t fix it. The whole ordeal took 3 hours. I now have 2 crashed websites, one of which is my business site. After that fiasco, I switched hosting companies. Sarah, London, www.green-itea.com

Ipage site lock is a name that concerns your brain first among the other website hosting companies fraught available in the market. This is because ipage site lock simply feels the quality and authentic web hosting service in the place of utilizing the manipulative marketing strategy to betray their confidence and scam customers.

Shelly Davisjule

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