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I feel Cheated by #Ipage they auto charge to my creditcard eventhough i didnt renew – i previously subscribe my domain name tiamiku.com to #Ipage but have not used it for a long time. #Ipage automatically charged my creditcard without informing me of their action and the renewal cost. They sent me n email of the renewal link only but not notification of auto charging. their email note “If you do not wish for this domain name to be renewed, please disregard this message.” Now they refuse to provide me of a refund and i cant afford to pay my credit card. I feel so cheated… Be carefull. Howmuchstuff, London, UK


Create your own website with iPage’s drag and drop website builder. $100 in free Google advertising and $100 in free Bing advertising plus your own free toll-free number. $1.99/mo.

I have been using iPage for 4 years and they are always happy to help on the phone. There an Americane company since 1998 and their tech support is out of an office in Tuscon, AZ. All american support team that speaks native english. I am happy to recommend iPage as your hosting provider.

Chadwick Allen Austin (Muscovalley)

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Chadwick Austin

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