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Feel cheated – I signed up for #Ipage’s introductory rate of $39.95 a year for two years. At the end, of the term #Ipage renewed my website without notification for three years at $495.00!! When I called to complain that I had not received notification they said they sent an email, but I NEVER received. When I asked for my money back they offered to reduce my rate to $280.00 for three years and would refund my money. After a week of no credit, I called them and they said they put a “store credit” on my account for the difference. I told them they said they would refund the money, but according to the representative they do not refund money no matter what! #Ipage is a SCAM. STAY AWAY!!! Charlene Bocek


iPage Review:
After years of inactivity, iPage were relaunched in October 2009. With the new management system, iPage is a leading hosting company, that provide quality service for very low price. Everyone can start a website with iPage in minutes; the registration takes less than 5 minutes.


  • Z
    Posted at 03:34h, 18 October

    thanks for the review

    i got a question

    what happens if hosting date is up?
    i planning to get 12month hosting, what would happen after the 12 months? they will continue charging you or would you have to resign up hosting up again

  • Doc Wishmael
    Posted at 04:57h, 04 July

    I have iPage…and actually quite like it. I really have no experience in site building (check out my site) but iPage has been pretty good for me. I know I'm getting hosed though.

  • baldwhiteguynz
    Posted at 11:47h, 14 November

    I agree with the other commenters warning to stay away from iPage. They promise features like scripting but omit to mention they're old and unsupported versions. The technical support is terrible, know little or nothing, and just use the call as an excuse to upsell to a $25pm plan that mightn't solve your problem anyway. Don't trust the positive reviews as iPage pay people to write them.

  • VideoFlix
    Posted at 19:54h, 19 February

    IPAGE.COM IS A SCAM!!!! They pretend they are located in the U.S. to cheat people into believing they are an American company where there are consumer laws. They are in fact located in INDIA or THE MIDDLE EAST!!! They hide their real location by a hidden domain and company address. They also cover the entire web with fake reviews that they THEMSELVES have created. They PAY for these FAKE reviews. Its illegal and fraud. iPAGE are major, major scammers. I tried to cancel within 24 hours and they constantly avoid the subject. People say they also charge hidden fees onto people's credit card. REPORT THEM TO THE POLICE. They violate consumer laws! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM COMPANY AND WILL USE YOUR CREDIT CARD ILLEGALLY.

  • Servant of The Most High
    Posted at 10:13h, 13 May

    Their basic hosting is HORRIBLE. Extremely slow. I would not recommend Ipage to anybody.

  • Gregorio Gomez
    Posted at 17:18h, 11 July

    I signed with ipage because their prices like 10 days ago and my domain is not active yet . I cant even say if the service is slow because i dont have any yet . Hostgator took 1 day to upload one  page . I think saving on hosting it is not good idea

  • Mrmoldremoval
    Posted at 08:15h, 07 April

    Dont use Ipage   Cancel your Websight.. They are Not Good People

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