is ipage the best – ipage web hosting rating

Worst, bait n switch – After 1 year, price jumps up to $268. Even after you cancel it and stop auto renewal, still get charged. Watch your credit bill. Go with another ISP provider and ask them what renewal amount will be? Don’t get trciked with low intro price. Jaime, Salt Lake City, UT,

is ipage the best – ipage web hosting rating
More info:
Pageā„¢ hosting has been in business since 1998 — focusing on putting together the perfect hosting plan for any and all small/medium-sized websites.

Their hosting is an affordable, wise choice for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

This company has been in business over 10 years and has accumulated a team of expert staff. They now host over 1 million websites worldwide.

If you’re concerned about downtime affecting the success of your website, then you’d be happy to know that iPage offers a 99% up-time guarantee on all servers.

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