Java 18 – Standardized efficiency

Robert McMaster , Belfast, UK – Utterly Appalling – There version of cpanel is truely awful and badly limited to only the most basic of features. Speed of everything on the shared environment from http, email, ftp and cpanel itself is incredibly slow. When I tried to leave they deliberately ignored support requests to allow the transfer through and had to resort to complaining to both ICANN and Nominet (.com and domains involved). Their support is a total joke. Seriously do not even consider this abortion of a excuse for a host… I wish I knew even worse words to describe this company. On all counts they are awful.

Java 18 is released, and the new JDK will bring a lot of interesting features to java. We go through all the features in 18 and talk about the performance benefits and some important caviats to keep track on in your code.

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