Just Host Review 2019: Justhost vs Bluehost? Watch This First!

Anastasia – Awful Tech Support – Their customer support is awful. Firstly, they rarely understand what you are trying to talk to them about, and almost never fix your issues. I asked them to contact my hosting provider for another website, as I was getting e-mails forwarded from #Justhost e-mails to this other hosting provider, which caused in constant bounce backs. I just wanted for them to simply contact the other provider, gave them all the details, but they said it is not their policy to do so. And this is only one of the occasions where I have received next to no assistance. My advise – pay more, but get proper hosting provider, you will save yourself a lot of headache.

Do you want to create a website using Just Host web hosting? In this Just Host Review, I go over all that JustHost web hosting offers entrepreneurs to create websites online. Also, I compare some of the benefits and advantages of using Bluehost web hosting versus Just Host.

Although both web hosting providers are owned by EIG starting at $3.95/month, Bluehost offers more unlimited resources, better customer service and uptime than JustHost.

**30 Day Money Back Guarantee**

To Get Started With JustHost, Go Here – http://bit.ly/tryjusthost

To Get Started with Bluehost, Go Here – http://bit.ly/savewithbluehost

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