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Just Host Review – My personal Just Host Webhosting Review Video.

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Just Host Review:


JustHost Webhosting Review 2014:

Hello guys and gals,

This is David Gates here from ThinkBuildWebsites.com and today I wanted to make this short video to provide you with my personal Just Host Webhosting Review.

Let me start off by saying that… As a successful website developer who has currently built over 100 different websites, blogs and forums over the past several years, I understand completely the importance of selecting a quality webhosting company.

I literally have used so many different web hosting companies over the years that I have lost track of the exact count. As you would expect, I have definitely had my share of both very positive and negative experiences.

Out of all the different webhosting companies I have used over the years and of which I continue using to this day…

Just Host, stands out by far as “one of the best”.

In fact I currently use Just Host to host a couple of my most successful websites, one of which currently receives over 100,000 visits per month.

Altogether I’ve opened a total of 4 separate Just Host webhosting accounts over the years and so far based upon; Just Host Pricing, Just Host Features, Just Host Customer Support, Just Host Site Uptime and lastly overall ease of use…

I would easily give Just Host a 5 out of 5 Star Rating.
Every issue that has occurred to date with my websites hosted at Just Host, has been able to be easily resolved by the helpful and friendly customer support team.

Unfortunately I can’t say this is the “norm” with similar priced hosting companies in the industry.

Quite frankly I have found that you do usually “get what you pay for” with these cheap web hosting solutions, however with Just Host (from my experience at least) you get a LOT more than you would normally expect for a price so competitive.

This is why Just Host has become the primary webhosting company that I recommend to clients, customers and fellow YouTube video viewers like yourself.

Thus… if you are watching this video right now and are considering making a purchase from Just Host or are simply “shopping around”, I highly recommend that you indeed go with Just Host.

In all honesty… the only real regret I have regarding Just Host… is that I didn’t purchase a hosting plan from them sooner and instead had to waste time and money dealing with issues caused by the downright incompetence of other hosting companies all of which seemingly claimed “to be the industry best”.

That stated… if interested in taking my experienced web developer advice and ordering from Just Host, be sure to click on the link included in the description of this video, this way we will ensure that you can get the best Just Host pricing available.
Alternatively you can just visit:


To ensure that you get the best pricing available.

Repeat that is:

A couple things to note with regards to purchasing…

1. If you choose to order a longer duration hosting plan… Just Host will give you (at least at the time of making this video), a sizeable bonus discount. FYI, I personally have chosen the 12 month duration option for my hosting plans with Just Host, however you may want to select a longer duration at an even cheaper price.

2. I recommend that on the order page you select the add-on option labeled “Site Backup Pro”. If you select this add-on, Just Host will essentially create daily automated backups of your website and store them on their servers.

This way if something ever goes wrong… like your site gets hacked for example or you simply mess something up by accident (like everyone does from time to time), you can simply contact Just Host support and they’ll restore your site for you free of additional charge.

That being stated…

This just about officially concludes this Just Host Review video.

Before signing off… I would like to state that…

If you are watching this video right now and would like to gain access to free step by step training on how to easily setup your own websites, blogs and or forums using Just Host webhosting or any other cpanel enabled webhost.

Be sure to visit:

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Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ce2ImstFYo

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