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Kevin , California, USA – Terrible customer service, hidden charges, hides options – This company just pushes and pushes add-ons and hidden fees. God forbid you happen to miss one thing and you’ll start getting recurring costs that they refuse to refund. And threaten you with a $25 fee if you dispute it with your credit card company. They also don’t give you the option to disable auto-renew for host costs. You have to verbally or hand write them 16 days before the renewal to cancel. If your late they’ll charge you an exorbitant fee far beyond your initial signup agreement. This company is just a group of scammers, stay away!

Just Host has locations in UK, USA, and Australia. As a global name, JustHost delivers solid, reliable hosting at afforable prices. Their creative advertising initially attracted The Host Judge to pursue a review of the company. Here’s what we discovered:

Before beginning our in depth analysis, we looked at JustHost’s hosting features and language support of their cheapest package. The package which is called JustPlan supports a broad range of languages including CGI-BIN, CGI Library, SSI, PHP5, PERL5, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, FrontPage Extensions, Javascript, and Custom php.ini. We were impressed that they support all of these features in their cheapest hosting package.

Next, The Host Judge analyzed the space thresholds of bandwidth, storage, and database space (and types). Just Host offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. In addition, they offer an unlimited number of MySQL databases. JustPlans allows an unlimited amount of domains as well. Unlimited space is a necessity for any company or individual in the fast expansion of the internet world today.
To sweeten the deal, Just Host offers numerous add-ons, credits and other features at no additional charge. Just Host gives all users the ability to use Agora Shopping Cart and osCommerce along with many free ad credits to get your site up and running. In addition, they provide a signed/vanity SSL for all users at no additional charge. The first domain name is free for life.

The price of these extensive features and language support is only $3.45 a month.

The Judgement: The Host Judge was thoroughly impressed with the language support and free features and add-ons that Just Host offered in addition to their 24-7 phone, email, and internet support. Compared to other hosting companies with similar plans, Just Host is far beyond the competition.


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