justhost.com WHM issue

P Kenwood , Kent – Almost worse than having no hosting at all. – They’ve always been poor but recently they have become bloody useless. Their mail servers are forever falling over and/or being hacked. My account was hacked and they refused to do anything. They insisted that I changed my passwords even though I’d already done that and within a matter of days they were hacked again. Their customer service is useless. I will be transferring my domain when it comes up for renewal – crap company for uptime reliability.

Unable to create new user in WHM screen. Also cannot find there is any button or icon where I can setup quota for user account


  • ahmar siddiqui
    Posted at 20:46h, 29 June

    hey I'm facing the same issue it says that there should be a package category But I'm unable to find it… cn yo help me out or should i contact there customer support

  • DarkAxi0m
    Posted at 01:41h, 12 July

    Ive got the same issue, ive put in a support ticket, waiting to hear back :/

  • DarkAxi0m
    Posted at 02:22h, 12 July

    After placing a support ticket, it all got fixed up

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