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Anastasia – Awful Tech Support – Their customer support is awful. Firstly, they rarely understand what you are trying to talk to them about, and almost never fix your issues. I asked them to contact my hosting provider for another website, as I was getting e-mails forwarded from #Justhost e-mails to this other hosting provider, which caused in constant bounce backs. I just wanted for them to simply contact the other provider, gave them all the details, but they said it is not their policy to do so. And this is only one of the occasions where I have received next to no assistance. My advise – pay more, but get proper hosting provider, you will save yourself a lot of headache.

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For SignUp a hosting service in a JustHost, you will get huge discounts and which will be up to 70%.
So, why you need Just Host? Here I have given some feature which you will not get anywhere except Just Host.

– Host Unlimited Domains, where you can manage all of your websites from one place and all will be on a same server.
– Unlimited Bandwidth and Web Space.
– Free Domain Name of your choice.
– Customers’ web sites are hosted on high performance servers and it’s well backed up.
– Free site builder with lots of templates.
– They are so specialized in customer satisfaction and you can reach them in 24/7 with phone, chat and email.
– Free script library -which include WordPress, osCommerce, phpBB and Joomla.
– Anytime money back guarantee-“no questions asked”.

For More info, or Discount Visit: http://ahmedblogger.us/Justhost

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