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Kevin , California, USA – Terrible customer service, hidden charges, hides options – This company just pushes and pushes add-ons and hidden fees. God forbid you happen to miss one thing and you’ll start getting recurring costs that they refuse to refund. And threaten you with a $25 fee if you dispute it with your credit card company. They also don’t give you the option to disable auto-renew for host costs. You have to verbally or hand write them 16 days before the renewal to cancel. If your late they’ll charge you an exorbitant fee far beyond your initial signup agreement. This company is just a group of scammers, stay away!

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There are so many web hosting companies in the web hosting industry. All of the company are not equal one. The features and quality are the same of every company. Among all of the company JustHost is a dependable web hosting company in the industry. Some companies provide services for big business and some work for personal case. It provides shared hosting, email account hosting etc. It is also renowned for cheap packages for clients. Here I have given the Justhost review and about something about Justhost coupon.

Features of this company

1. They have already established Multi-server backup. They provide high speed for the client’s facility.
Because of their multi-server backup system, it can remove the chance of downtime of any site.

2. Fast Activation system-Generally many hosting companies take many hours to activate new domain.
But in this case Just Host has been very fast. It activates a new domain within 30 minutes from sign-up process.

3. This company has already proven 99.9% uptime guarantee. Generally most of the company can’t prove this condition. But Just Host has earned this reputation from their clients.

4. Linux based operating system is used here.
5. Sometimes Justhost provide a coupon to their customers.

Besides some extra Features of the Justhost:

1. Unlimited hosting space
2. Unlimited hosting for domain and file transfer
3. Linux and Windows hosting
4. MySQL databases and email accounts are limitless
5. Lifetime domain registration which is free
6. Web site development without any cost
7. Hacker-Wise monitoring


1. The multi Function process is available. Besides database administration, about website and email processing system can be done by its control panel.

2. It offers various unlimited packages. Such as disk space, free domain, free script, huge database collection system with SQL, different types of audio and video support.

3. Power backup system is so highly of this company. They provide UPS backup as well as different types of power backup system also.

4. They provide their packages at a low price.

5. For any problem you will find the help from this. They are always ready to serve you.


It will keep your data safe on the website. The control panel of this company is enriched. By using the benefit of panel you can make any change in your website like account password, email service processing etc.

Customer Support:

For customer services, this company is well known. The staff of SiteGround is always ready to support their clients in case of any problem. If they fix any technical error, they solve it without any delay. They always try to update their system so that the clients can run their site smoothly.

So, if you want to find a reliable web hosting company, you can choose this one. Their offer is very simple to use, free domain packages, and other facilities.

JustHost Coupon code: http://ahmedblogger.us/Justhost

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