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Jo , New York – My Experience with #Justhost – Here is the my experience with #Justhost. few day ago my web site(WordPress) hacked. I submit ticket for #Justhost for recover my website from backup. Here is what they said. ******************************** Hi, Website ******.com is looking good for me. How and where can I see it has been hacked? Please point me to exact URL. But if you wish entire account “lotusws” to be restored from backup I can do it right now. Note: we have the backup from Nov 23rd. Thank you, Alexander ******************************** I asked therm to proceed restore from backup. after they delete all my websites. they said “We don’t have a backup”. I was really shocked but they even didn’t say sorry. It is more than big mistake but it seems they don’t care for what they have done to customer. I’m considering lawsuit against #Justhost for my loss of entire websites. They should be responsible for what they have done to customer.

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