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usuario , panama inconforme – the best in bad service and always down – I continued with my problems with this company . advice not to put their websites on these servers , I personally change immediately , treat users like crap , i do not respect the payments made

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Welcome to my awesome JustHost video and written review. I have been a customer of JustHost for a few months now and wanted to create and in-depth review of my experiences with them. Hopefully you will find this review helpful and better then all other reviews out there haha!

For those of you that don’t already know, justhost is one of the biggest hosting companies around and they have been hosting millions of website for their customers for many years now. This is something I always like when picking a hosting company. There are many hosts the pop up and don’t last and the last thing you want is a host that goes out of business 6 months down the road. Picking a host with years of experience and a good track record will help ensure you have a pleasant hosting experience. Just host has great pricing as well when compared to other major hosting companies. If you can’t afford to spend a few bucks a month for your hosting you are better off going with a free hosting solution like WordPress or blogger.

Justhost also has good customer support which is always important, especially if you’re not very savvy with tech stuff like me! While I haven’t had any major issues I have had to contact support and they have been extremely helpful in resolving things for me.

Overall, if I had to rate justhost on a scale of 1 to 10 I would probably give them a 9 because of their great prices and reliability. Thus if you are looking for a good host for your website I would just go ahead and go with them as you wont be disappointed.

Click Here For Official JustHost Site: http://bit.ly/1cTo4MY

Jon Smith

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