JustHost Review Part5

Awful excuse of a company – They don’t give you anything in writing. After getting through the painful setup, things were fine. I didn’t have to do anything after set up, so no problems. Once renewal time came, they automatically renewed me at about 2x the original rate and to top it off, a broken website. They gouged another $40 out of me when I canceled claiming “fine print.” So they gave me a broken website at renewal, bad service, and huge price hike. Only way to contact them is through email. Lame! Stay away!!

JustHost Review
This is the 4th of a series of 5 video reviews and tutorials that give an in depth analysis of JustHost hosting and its use to easily create WordPress sites.

We have been using Just Host for all our wordpress hosting and reseller accounts. In this tutorial, we show how to add and edit posts in the easy to use editor, schedule posts, etc.

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