Kanyon CoyoteWoman Sayers-Roods: Decolonizing & Reindigenizing Our Relationships

Tim F , Colorado – Junk host is a more appropriate title – I spent my money and I took my chances, I regret ever doing it. I was on line with email support monthly, the site would just drop my site for no apparent reason and tell me that the bill wasn’t paid or that I had no authorization. I had many problems that occurred in the evening, no support from America, just from Russia, they were always unsympathetic, never had them fix anything for me, was always locked out until the next day. They would not let me take my credit card off the site, saying they needed it for billing and for “legal” purposes. I had to cancel my card and get another to replace it so I could cancel my account. STAY AWAY FROM JUST HOST, they are JUNK HOST!

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