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KickassTuber review: – In this video, I’m going to take you inside my KickassTuber account. You’ll see exactly what you get and how it all works including the editing software which is very similar to PhotoShop.

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If you do any kind of YouTube marketing and want to stand out from the crowd, then I highly suggest getting KickassTuber. Unlike most other graphic and editing tools, there is a montly price. With KickassTuber, you get 1,000 templates of graphics and animations for just $27. There are upsells for a montly club that gives you new graphics and animations every month.

KickassTuber is the “one-stop” platform for effective YouTube channel and video branding. It comes with: DFY YouTube graphic templates in 30 HOT niches. Not just a bunch of thumbnails and banners, but FULL channel identities.
Click, edit and save with cloud-based graphics editor.
Add graphics from your PC or from our ever-growing library.
24/7 access to preview and download top-quality motion graphics to spice-up your videos.
Anyone can create the kind of professional branding that drives more traffic, subscribers and engagement to their (or their client’s) channels.

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