KING'S COLLEGE, Cambridge University | The truth about King's with Mary

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0:00 King’s College Cambridge
0:31 How did you pick King’s?
2.00 Discussion of King’s being on the river
2:46 Does King’s have its own kayak and punt?
3:21 Is King’s the only college that does this?
3:40 Does King’s College only do particular subjects?
4:14 What are the buildings & facilities like at King’s College?
5:54 King’s College what’s the library like?
6:47 What is a porter at King’s?
8:06 At King’s College are you far away from your department?
9:22 What’s your dining hall like at King’s?
11:23 Are formals special occasions at King’s College?
13:09 King’s what is food like day to day?
14:31 How much would a main meal normally cost at King’s College?
14:57 What’s a typical day’s menu at King’s?
16:24 At King’s College is the food good for vegetarians
17:11 What are bops like at King’s?
19:26 Any bop stories at King’s College?
21:21 Do you have balls at King’s?
23:43 How much do balls cost At King’s College?
24:15 At King’s College are there any famous DJs or performers?
25:15 What’s the accommodation like at King’s?
28:43 Do you have any college rivalries at King’s?
30:11 At King’s College does it have a reputation of being left-wing /edgy?
31:17 Do students at King’s make changes through the JCR?
33:19 Which college is most different from King’s?
35:03 How long would it take to walk to Girton from King’s?
35:26 Would you recommend picking a central college King’s College?
36:41 What is equality and diversity like at King’s?
39:05 Do King’s have a lot of initiatives to encourage BAME students to apply?
40:21 Favourite space in college at King’s?

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