Kumpulan 24 Tugasan 2

#Ipage support will drive you mad! – Have moved to #Ipage because of their pricing, but boy am I frustrated! I have domains which apparently have been hosted by them decades ago and their (faulty) system apparent keep any domain name active in their system for ever! They demanded that I would provide proof of ownership by providing the last 4 digits of the creditcard(!) used when they had it registered!!! After countless tickets/emails they finally agreed to check based on the whois name that I own it and thereafter finally they transferred the domain! absolutely brainless at that support desk and typical for, yip I am saying it: Indian support! Abubakar Sattar, Pakistan, www.mywebhostingreview.info/

Video kompilasi pembentangan latihan Bab 4, 5 dan 6 STQM 1223 Aljabar Linear Semester 2 2020-2021

Fatimah Abdul Razak

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