Learn How To Forward and Hide That Long Nasty Domain Name

Stay Away – The worse service – technical support are incompetent and rude. Had one tech screw up the set up of my domain, another tech deleted my emails and still another tech was rude during transfer process. They took payment even though automatic payment was deactivated (a year ago) and transferred domain and hosting to another service (a month ago). Plus the fact I spoke with 4 different techs during the transfer process to confirm that I wasn’t renewing. Stay away from this hosting service they are the absolute worse! John, Seattle


Learn how to forward and hide long domain names. If you have a long domain name or sub-domain name and you want a short clean domain name to forward and appear as a short clean domain name in the address bar then watch this video. If your domain name for your company is long then just make it short. For example in this video we will take a long domain name like freedomcreator.abunza.com/landing and change it to TurnKeyABC.com. All the visitors to the site will see is TurnKeyABC.com. Your customer won’t feel tricked because the domain name that they type in is the one that appears.

D Tenacious

  • Daniel Sanipass
    Posted at 16:31h, 28 July

    how do you do it is it free?

  • D Tenacious
    Posted at 04:06h, 31 July

    it does not cost anything extra to forward a domain name within godaddy (used in this example) it will just cost the yearly fee for the domain, usually between $1.99 and $9.99/year. Hope that answers your question.