Learn Studio Session: Publish a web app to Azure with Visual Studio | COM148

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Microsoft Learn Studio Sessions are designed to be interactive and hands on. To ensure everyone attending has the best experience, these sessions have limited capacity. But don’t worry, they are being recorded and will be available on demand. Learn Studio Session rooms will open 10 minutes early for anyone needing prerequisite set up support. (Prerequisites for this session are listed below.

Join us for this guided online Microsoft Learn workshop: (https://aka.ms/Learn/PublishWebApp). Use the publishing features of Visual Studio to deploy and manage an ASP.NET Core web app hosted on Azure.

Prerequisites for this module:
Active Microsoft Learn profile
Knowledge of the Azure cloud environment
Familiarity with the Visual Studio user interface
Familiarity with web app concepts
Basic programming knowledge
Basic HTML knowledge
A local installation of Visual Studio on Windows

Session prerequisites — https://aka.ms/Learn/PublishWebApp

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