Legendary Mage – Sorcerer PVP Dueling Montage #4 – Elder Scrolls Online

The Worst ! – #Ipage have what I call reverse technical support. When you contact their team they bash on a keyboard and make your site worse of. Even their one click installs are hit and miss, Not only are the installs out of date and require security updates but the permisions are broken, so that as admin you can’t login to your site. They love to close open support tickets. Not that they have resolved anything but so that you have to go back to the live online help. And they no longer have a ticket system that you can open you have to first go and wait for an hour or so for their live support. H Hermit, Florida

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  • jemanuel
    Posted at 14:26h, 08 May

    how do you think sorc will fair next patch PvP cyrodil not BG's. will your lich plus seducer be enough? I am trying to farm Amber plasm for front bar with a lich back. not sure yet.

  • Alexandre Bitencourt
    Posted at 17:45h, 08 May

    At the beggining i tough it was evanescence lmao, Legendary, you are my idol, i've been training a lot these days to be better at duels and open world, i'm having problems fighting anothers sorcs and on 1vx, but i'm getting better. I'm focusing now on animation canceling, but it's hard to do with 200+ ping. Could you give me some duel advices against some classes? We could chat on discord, i have a guild tournament this Sartuday 13/05 and i'd like be one of the bests…bad thing i'm on NA and you are EU…Please give me some advices.

  • john walsh
    Posted at 18:10h, 08 May

    Thanks for everything Mage unfortunately just got sick of Zos and decided to quit the game.will stay subbed👍

  • leb91han
    Posted at 18:11h, 08 May

    Top gameplay always nice to watch.

  • Rossi -
    Posted at 19:30h, 08 May

    Any reason for meteor over dawnbreaker ?

  • Jake Willet
    Posted at 19:53h, 08 May

    dang dude that was ownage cool video I dropped a like. It would be cool if you can review my cs go vid if you have time

  • TheCaptainMako
    Posted at 01:05h, 09 May

    Curious question: When the new expansion comes out, will you be making a Magicka Warden DPS build similar to this sorcerer build or will you make a different style build for warden? I love this build you have going but I am going to try a Warden and am interested if you think the build will be able to function similar to this as a warden.

  • MasterTroll273
    Posted at 02:11h, 09 May

    Okay so I apologize for this question being completely unrelated to pvp, but with the lack of answers on the internet for it I just felt like it would be more reliable to ask you… On average how much would a legendary writ placed at around 100 vouchers be worth? I don't have any super advanced friends on this game and I didn't want to ask a random person.

  • SilverWF
    Posted at 02:58h, 09 May

    nice job, but, why you aren't using any addons? even no ingame damage numbers…

  • pickey chav
    Posted at 04:17h, 09 May

    Great video mate, but I bet all my gold that the god of the sun, neckbeard blobs can 1vX you with a real character. LOL

  • 0 Stein
    Posted at 04:44h, 09 May

    and cool music as always in duels 😀

  • Patrick Watrin
    Posted at 08:49h, 09 May

    Hello! I'm pretty sure you have a video of a magicka sorcerer build wearing heavy armour. Am I wrong? I can't retrieve this build… Could you please help me? Google is not my friend for this 🙂 Thanks for you help and thanks for your videos. It's always a pleasure to soee your work on eso.

  • MeZza
    Posted at 10:38h, 09 May

    for slut dracane LIKE

  • MeZza
    Posted at 10:47h, 09 May

    OO good Achimage Sorc , he usually doesn't lose good job!

  • Alurue
    Posted at 19:45h, 09 May

    I've missed that fight on 1:17 т_т

    Posted at 14:52h, 10 May

    hi Alex,I just checked the set up of my dk,the moves were
    hardened armour(x)
    noxious breath(y)
    venomous claw (b)
    green dragon blood (LB)
    evil hunter(RB) on front snb bar +
    deadly cloak(x)
    blood craze(y)
    silver shards(LB)
    Evil Hunter(RB) on the other bar I've got dw swords on
    not sure what people usually use on a dk but because I'm Imperial I went the stam route but wanted a few kool things to use I'd not really seen because tbh mate I've not really played a dk much at all really just getting that Main
    to level up on level 41 but getting the hang of it a bit an possible might respec once I get full access to my cp160 gears,but thanks again mate nice one

  • Ninja K
    Posted at 20:02h, 10 May

    Nice vid dude, are you still using Lich front bar and seducer back bar?

  • Yentl Pauwels
    Posted at 10:56h, 14 May

    Your gameplay looks to smooth and such a good graphics, what addons do you use? And what specs has your pc?

  • Javanshir Javanli
    Posted at 09:48h, 17 May

    finally i saw someone killed dracane :p,great gameplay as always..

  • Biggu
    Posted at 01:35h, 31 May

    Why run 2 recovery + sustain sets?

  • The Watcher
    Posted at 17:31h, 01 June


  • Dean W
    Posted at 11:24h, 21 July

    Thumbs up for whooping dracanes ass…i hate that ugly bitch

    Posted at 00:33h, 28 December

    Hey LG, just came across your vids for the first time. Love the stuff. Putting that much work in deserves props.

    I've been dueling a lot on my MagSorc lately but I've run into two classes that give me loads of trouble when I fight them. The MagDK and the Stamblade.

    The MagDK endlessly roots me in place and whittles me away. He also reflects most of my spells back at me, including my Inferno Staff. If I run out of stamina I've been streaking through him and also I use minefield, but I never seem to get him too low before I run out of magicka and then it's just survival mode. I use the Resto Ult in that case to try to let it run it's course while I regain magicka with heavy attacks but it never seems to be enough.

    So basically my problem on the MagDK seems to be the endless rooting me in place until my stamina is gone, along with the reflecting of my spells.

    The Stamblade also is a problem for me, although I do better against the Stamblade than the MagDK. The Stamblade I do best with a strong initial burst, but after getting around 30% life they seem to be able to dodge/hide and then burst out at me for a stun ambush. Over and over. Once I am out of stamina – like before – I am done. I can maybe survive a bit, but when you get stunned or FEARED with no stam you're literally a sitting duck for 3-4 seconds while they unload on you. If they manage to get the stun or fear off when I am at 70% health or less, there is nothing I can do at that point. I imagine I will have to change things up.

    So overall it seems to me that the issue is everyone is attacking my stamina. What strategy is good to counter this endless attack on my stamina with cc and stuns?