Let’s Play Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2 – #13: Super Joe

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In this part of Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2 (PC), I complete three more levels in the Tier 6 Cyberspace. These levels played here placed between 40th and 38th place.

As I kept mentioning in the video, I really thought “Joe Man” would have placed in Tier 7 or Tier 8. In fact, during most of the development of my level, I thought “Joe Man” was a better level than mine. But, I’ll get more into that in a few parts.

“Crystal Lab” would have been scored better by me if the sides of the platform had proper hitboxes. Plus, more checkpoints and a proper/safer introduction to the Crystal Platforms. The biohazard aesthetic is nice after all.

“Nitrogen Man” really could’ve taken its liquid nitrogen and cold vents gimmicks further. For example, diving into the freezing liquid could bring up a temperature meter. Staying in the substance will drain the meter over time, and once it reaches zero, your character is instantly killed. Jumping out of the substance will rapidly restore the meter back up to max. That way, it puts pressure on the player to quickly move through the liquid, and a lot of challenges can be built upon that gimmick.


02:13 – Buying a New Costume
04:33 – (40th place) – “Joe Man” by Zieldak (29.2/50)
19:53 – (39th place) – “Crystal Lab” by Schmidkalkan (29.4/50)
32:45 – (38th place) – “Nitrogen Man” by MugMan (29.6/50)

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Mega Man is owned by Capcom. This fangame was developed by the community members of Sprites INC, Talkhaus, and the Mega Man fandom in general.


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