Lightning Talk: 5 Minutes to Value, Strategies for Faster Observability Onboarding

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Lightning Talk: 5 Minutes to Value, Strategies for Faster Observability Onboarding

5 Minutes to Value, Strategies for Faster Observability Onboarding This session will cover strategies and best practices for improving Time To Value for observability onboarding, learned from helping onboard thousands of users with the instrumentation packages that are now a core part of most OpenTelemetry clients. Primarily, it will focus on novel configuration strategies when creating client instrumentation packages. These approaches help solve one of the biggest Onboarding challenges: How can users augment their telemetry with context specific to their business use case, without having to maintain huge chunks of custom, hard to maintain OpenTelemetry manual instrumentation code in their application?”

CNCF [Cloud Native Computing Foundation]

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