Locked out of WordPress admin

Getting worse and worse over the year, do not recommend anymore – Getting worse and worse over the year, do not recommend anymore Tech will respond to ticket as they wish,…. Brendon, Roseville, California, Berg

Locked out of WordPress admin

Trouble shooting # 1

Go to Control panel


Files& FTP

File Manager

Web Root

Check your web site folder



Check Inherit

Check OK

Trouble Shooting # 2

Go to PhpMyadmin

Login to your web site database



Option_Name(mostly the first id)

Site url

Option_value should have your website url(http://www.XXXXX.com)

Trouble shooting # 3

Go to ftp/control panel of WordPress site


Rename plugins folder to Plugins-broken

The will display the web site with broken plugins

Create a new folder “Plugin”

Move one plugin at a time from Plugins-broken folder to new plugins folder

Check the web site after removing each plugin

When found the defective plugin, remove it and reinstall the new one that does the good work

Trouble shooting # 4

Control Panel


Rename Web.config to web1.config

Refresh your web site.


Web Site:


Web Corridor

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