Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2 – Part 22: It’s-a Meme!

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A live, semi-blind playthrough of the largest Mega Man fangame in history, picking up where I left off. This video covers the rest of Tier X and some Noble Nickel cleanup. The intro music is Super Mario World “Mario for Airports (1-1)” by zachaction, and the stream begins at 3:01.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains visual shenanigans that may be problematic for people with epilepsy and/or motion sickness. In particular, beware of 1:42:26 to 1:44:48.

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  • redblueandgray
    Posted at 08:01h, 06 January

    So if getting hungry is a constant problem, why not just eat before the stream?

  • Ender The Awesome
    Posted at 10:44h, 06 January

    B E E S