Making Search Engine Friendly URLs for Joomla

Beezy , – #Justhost screwed the pooch – I purchased a domain with them last year and added “domain privacy” since I didn’t want my personal contact info published. Sometime later I received a letter saying my specified domain was about to expire and gave me options to extend it for a low price. I almost responded to the letter before realizing it was a scam from a third party. How did this third party get my info? #Justhost published it all in the domain registry, even though I paid for privacy. I eventually had to install call blocking software and send every unknown/hidden call straight to voicemail, and google the numbers later. #Justhost made it difficult to cancel and get a refund, and they only gave a refund minus the registration fee. Because the site has not been reregistered, my info is still mirrored on other sites. #Justhost has refused to re-register the site themselves with anonymized info. I would not want to repeat this experience again.

To show hidden files, best idea is to contact the Supportof your host if you cannot see a switch.

Tell them that you wish to be able to see hidden files in File Manager.

They will send you a URL like this:

Your own log in details will be included in that link, but the part you are looking for is ‘showhidden=1’ – – where 1 is hidden files shown and 0 is hidden files hidden.

There are many YouTube videos about SEF URLs in Joomla and htaccess.

Good luck, I hope this works for you.

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