MCCU MAP ideas!!

Beezy , – #Justhost screwed the pooch – I purchased a domain with them last year and added “domain privacy” since I didn’t want my personal contact info published. Sometime later I received a letter saying my specified domain was about to expire and gave me options to extend it for a low price. I almost responded to the letter before realizing it was a scam from a third party. How did this third party get my info? #Justhost published it all in the domain registry, even though I paid for privacy. I eventually had to install call blocking software and send every unknown/hidden call straight to voicemail, and google the numbers later. #Justhost made it difficult to cancel and get a refund, and they only gave a refund minus the registration fee. Because the site has not been reregistered, my info is still mirrored on other sites. #Justhost has refused to re-register the site themselves with anonymized info. I would not want to repeat this experience again.


Spooky Paws:


Wine, Beer, Whiskey: TFATWS MAP!!! I and DYING to host this but I have to wait until the series is over 😭 Honestly not sure why but this song really gives me TFATWS vibes even though only 3 episodes are out so XD
(Designs used: FallowHallow, Ghostferns, & OrcaPlayer

Mirrors: Nebula is underrated as heck. I’m actually gonna rehost this from my good friend iNsErT nAmE? :3 !!
(Designs used: RustiicRed)

It’s tough to be a God: C’mon it’s Loki
(Designs used: Dragofelid)

Monster: I’ve wanted to host this since 2019, but if anyone wants to co-host or just host it in general talk to me about it! I don’t know enough about Bruce to script and host a MAP with him but I thought the song fit him from what I DO know about him
(Designs used: Ghostferns)

(Designs used: FallowHallow)

Looser, Geek, Whatever: Probably gonna be a post Endgame MAP/FFH/Post FFH so :’D
(Designs used: FallowHallow)


  • WidowPawz
    Posted at 00:41h, 03 April

    Crashes through the window AHHHH YES!!! MCCU! I WANNA JOIN ALL OF EM HAHAHAHA! >:D

  • Spirit Infinity
    Posted at 02:28h, 03 April

    Aaaa I love these ideas even though I still haven't watch mccu! (I tried to once, but didn't finish it)

    Also I remember you had hosted a mysterio map (hopefully I spelled his name right, I'll fix it if I did), well idk if it was you 1000%, but all I can remember is the intro said "mysterio is the truth!" And it was seven nation army. This just bothered me a bit, and so I wanted to ask if you had hosted this map ;w;

  • Silver Motion Studios
    Posted at 04:28h, 03 April

    I'm interested in joining the mirrors one because your rehoasting it from insertname

  • The_LazyFox 13
    Posted at 08:45h, 03 April

    All of these are such good ideas!! 🙀

  • Spiritwolf Animations
    Posted at 10:01h, 03 April

    Love all these ideas! We also had an idea to host a fatws map! Lol
    Great minds think alike. If we have time we could co-host he monster map (with bruce) if you'd like to.

  • Dequty
    Posted at 18:29h, 03 April

    oooh Mirrors and It's Tough to be a God look awesome :00

  • SpeaksAnimation
    Posted at 20:43h, 03 April

    I want to join the SamBucky show map so baadddddd

    Also the amount of sass in the Loki drawing is killing me