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Shannon Hill , Boston, MA – “Unlimited” means “vaguely limited” to #Justhost – #Justhost just disabled my account, saying excessive server load. This disabled access to all my sites, all my email, and all my family’s email accounts. I could not submit a support ticket with my account suspended. I had to spend 3 hours on the phone with them, since I didn’t know my “client id”. (couldn’t get to my email, remember?). NOT RECOMMENDED. They could choose to block (or throttle) web services in this situation, but that’s beyond their technical ability.

An award-winning documentary producer, Dianne Becker is unique in the world of television. She can often be found doing a bit of everything: writing, directing, producing, shooting, and editing. Dianne has held numerous jobs in a variety of locations and garnered numerous awards, including a regional Emmy, 13 Emmy nominations, and a New York Festival Silver. Leaving the northeast television markets, she made it her job to see the world – traveling throughout Europe, and into the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres. Seven years later, she took a leave of absence from her job at the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, and embarked on a sabbatical year of helping others. From working in Guatemala to producing videos in Sri Lanka, the adventure didn’t let her return to her job at CBS, but re-directed her career to producing documentaries around the world.

Resources Discussed:
Dianne Becker’s Website:
Missions Dilemma:
Journey to the Amazon:
ITEC Film Training:
World Without Orphans Documentary:
Kimyal Bible Story:
“Bad Legs” Story:
ICVM (International Christian Visual Media Association):

Mission Minded Podcast: In Matthew 28:18-20, we are commissioned by Christ to make disciples of all the nations. Living in light of this scriptural call can be challenging. Join the Mission Minded podcast and participate in discussions with mission-minded individuals that come from diverse backgrounds, working all over the world, to bring some of the challenges into the light. The ITEC team hosts special guests who tell stories, ask questions, and inspire us to use our God-given gifts to take the Gospel to our neighbors and the nations.

Mission Minded Podcast is produced by ITEC. The goal of this podcast is to inspire conversations about Great Commission participation. The views, organizations, and individuals represented, interviewed, and discussed on the podcast do not necessarily represent an official position or formal partnerships with ITEC.


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