Mid Meet Py 2021 – Ep.02 – Let's chat with Lemon

Jim Moulinex ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Simply the Direst – don’t respond to requests for information on site being down – do not explain forced switch of tariff – hold customer data ransom until they pay the higher tariff – asked me to photocopy my bank card and send to them :-0 – asked me to send photocopy of government issued ID card – Chat staff utterly utterly clueless ……keep repeating same answer even though it’s been explained that the fix does not work in their shite shite system. Do not use or warn those who are thinking of it. Thanks for all the other reviews particularly P Kenwood who echoes my feelings best

This week we will chat with Leon ‘Lemon’ Sandรธy, one of the owners of Python Discord. Do you know why he is called Lemon? We also talked about some history and behind the scenes of Python Discord.

All links are in the [podcast notes](bit.ly/mmp-20210226)

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Cheukting Ho

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